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Tally Counter 1
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What the hell is this???

An online "tally counter" or "tick marker" of sorts.

I originally coded a much more simplified version as a way to keep track of my win/loss record during an online pool-type game that I was playing. It was just a little quicker and easier than grabbing a pen and making tick marks on a piece of paper.

Later, I added a few more counters to use it while playing "Railroad Tycoon" (a turn-based strategy game) to keep track of delivered goods.

In the next version, I made the number of counters selectable and fancied up the GUI. I also added the ability to give the counters custom names.

In this, Version 3, I recoded it from the ground up, cleaning up the code and using a lot of jQuery. I also changed the theme to match the new look of the Flappity.com site.

I've turned the sound on, but I don't hear anything.

As of this writing, Internet Explorer has not caught up with the rest of the world in implementing the HTML5 standard (which is the standard that we will all eventually be using). Consequently, Internet Explorer is not capable of playing the sounds on this page.

In testing, the sounds played successfully using the latest versions of Firefox, SRWare's Iron (Chrome without the privacy invasion), and Opera. The sounds will also work on Safari for Windows (not sure about Mac) provided that the Quicktime plugin is installed on your machine (Note: Because of this, Safari is a bit slower to play the sounds.).

Clicks are not registered when clicking the Plus and Minus buttons.

After clicking, the browser must have time to register the event. Clicking in rapid succession will not allow enough time for the browser to register the change, causing missed clicks.

This problem is particularly noticeable in Internet Explorer (of course).

Solution: Click slower ;-)

How can I make a vertical column instead of rows?

The layout will scale itself to the browser window size. Just drag/resize the browser window to the number of columns that you want.

DOH! I accidentally closed the browser window and lost all my stats!

Sorry. I may address this in a future version by setting a cookie, but until then you'll have to be a bit more careful ;-)

What else didn't you tell me?

Depending on the game (or other app), you may not be able to run the game fullscreen and easily toggle back to the counter. The only work-around is to (if possible) run the game in a regular window that has been resized to fill the screen. That will leave the toolbar accessible and stop the game from resizing when switching between the two.

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